I was born in September 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida and currently attend The University of North Florida. I have never taken a professional photography class,  my camera is another extension of expression for me.  All images posted on and before January 6th, 2017 were taken with a small Coolpix digital camera. My current tool is a Nikon B3500.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on the”undetected brightness” in daily life. Popping umbrellas, bright fences and monochromatic color schemes in any landscape are passed daily, yet not consciously registered, however subconsciously our moods are influenced. I aim to reflect the subtle moods and personalities of scenes with emphasis on bold colors.


For any inquires or if you would like me to photograph your event:

Email: zandramillerphotosart@gmail.com

Phone Number: 904-361-1610

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lightdapplesonthedoor/